Diners Club Winelist Awards

Restaurants that take pride in their wine lists and how well they match their menu know the value and prestige of the Diners Club Winelist of the Year Award.

The Story of the Winelist Awards

Diners Club has always been more than a charge card. It’s a gathering of people with many shared interests and objectives; people who love to explore, to learn and discover. The South African Diners Club Winelist Awards is one product of that journey.

The Diners Club Winelist Awards do not only attract restaurants eager to gain recognition for their class and style, it also attracts an ever growing number of patrons who understand that the perfect meal is greatly enhanced by a matching fine wine. To proudly display a Diners Club Winelist Award in their window is not an act of vanity, it is an invitation to discerning patrons to come in and enjoy a taste of greatness. It’s a sign that they belong.

Started more than two decades ago, the annual Diners Club Winelist Award is a much sought-after symbol of excellence and achievement among restaurateurs that take great pride in their wine selection and pairing of food with wine.

The award is so highly regarded that, when it was cancelled one year, there was an immediate and vocal outcry. The next year the Diners Club Winelist Award was once again on the menu!